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Access WEBeClock from anywhere in the world using your favorite browser. Practical and affordable. For companies with 5 to 5000 employees.

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Advantages of WEBeClock

• No Startup Expense:

No software or hardware installation required, all you need is Internet access.

• Free Version Updates to all our customers
• Updates come with new features
• No charge for implementation or training
• Online training free to all our customers
• Pay as you Go:

Since there's no startup expense, the WEBClock requires no capital outlay, No longer do you have to "Wait until it's in the budget". Since the WEBClock service is charged on a monthly basis you can now, "Try it, if you don't like it, cancel the service, you only pay for what you use".

WEBeClock allows you to manage all aspects of time and labor management, reduce administrative costs of time and attendance data collection, track departments, and project coasting and cost centers, all enabling you to increase your company's productivity and profitability. Working with an application service provider (ASP) provides certain benefits over owning and managing your software. They include: quick deployment on world-class servers and bandwidth infrastructure; elimination of IT staffing issues; and a high-level of functionality with little up-front investment (offered at a low monthly, per employee fee). WEBeClock is deployed over the Internet, specifically supporting Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape's Navigator Web Browsers. Our open approach to technology makes sure you are in control of vital labor data, and protects against being locked into expensive, bulky client/server solutions.


  • Automates Attendance Tracking, the Calculation of Employee Time, & Wages and Tracks Exempt Employees

  • Applies Your Pay Rules

  • Supports an Unlimited Number Of Shifts, Pay Categories, Pay Rules, and up to 15 levels of labor distribution

  • Provides Extensive Payroll And Management Reports

  • Runs from your favorite browser

  • Exports Hours Directly To More Than Thirty Popular Third-Party Payroll Providers

  • Supports An Unlimited Number Of Data Collection Terminals

  • 3 Levels of approvals – Employee, Supervisor & Administrator

  • Powerful security configurations

  • Employees can review hours, schedules and benefit balances

  • Real-time management reporting

  • Automated Employee Leave Request

Take a quick look at our YouTube High Definition WebeClock video demos:

Click here for the Employee View Demo

Click here for the Admin View Demo

Also take advantage of our free 30 day evaluation. Start using our last version-full featured WEBeClock today. Just fill out a simple setup and configuration form.


Employee Page

The Employee page is designed to be a "one-stop-shop" for employees to perform common tasks, such as clocking in or out, transferring departments or jobs, submitting Time Sheets, viewing schedules and benefit information.
The Employee Home Page loads autommatically when an employee logs into WEBeClock, and shows only the information for the employeecurrently logged in. If configured, the Status Board enables the employee to see at a glance which employees are in, out, at lunch, or at break. The page may be customzsed for each employee.

Administrative Page

The Admin Page is an administrator's workplace. The Admin Home Page shows important system and employee data. It also contains links to all administrative functions within WEBeClock. From the Admin Home Page, administrators can manage employees, edit Time Sheets, run Reports, link to configuration screens to manage Departments, Jobs, Payroll Polices, Schedules, Security, and generally administer your company's WEBeClock account.

You can make WebeClock simple by eliminating sections in the administrative and employee pages. As your company grows, and your payroll policies change, these sections can be incorporated as needed by your company or organization.

The employee section in the administrative page indicates the currently selected employee. The subsection will display the selected employee’s name. The Summary area directly below the subsection shows the selected employee’s basic information “at a glance.” Many of the other sections on this page also reflect the selected employee’s information.

The Search Results section displays the results of your last search. The number of pages is displayed below the list. To navigate to another page, click the Next button. To jump to a specific page, enter the page number you would like to visit and click the Go button. Tip: Some WEBeClock features and pages allow you to perform actions on the current search result list. For example, you could assign a Department to everyone in the Search Results list.

The Quick Message section allows administrators to send messages to employees. Messages can be sent to particular individuals, all employees in the current search results, or the entire company. Employees receive any sent messages when they log into their home page.

Pay Adjustments Section This section allows you to grant a pay adjustment to the currently selected employee. Pay adjustments are used to grant lump sums additions or substrations to an employee's earnings. This can can be used to track additions such as bonuses and tips, or deductions such as union dues or uniform fees.

The Departments section allows you assign a previously created Department to the current employee. The employee can then clock into the Department assigned. The Pay Rate indicates the wage the employee will earn while working in this Department. The system allows you to assign employees to departments by search group, or selection.

The Jobs section works the same way the Departments section does. You can assign a previously created Job to the current employee. The employee can then clock into the job assigned. The Charge Rate indicates how much your company would charge a client for time this employee spent on this Job. The system allows you to assign employees to jobs by search group, or selection.

Schedule Templates Section This section allows you to assign a previously created Schedule Template to the current employee. The employee’s schedule will not change until the next time you generate schedules.

The Time Sheet section is a convenient display of the current employee’s hours for the specified week. At a glance, you can view any pay type, which has hours for this time period such as work, lunch, break, sick, vacation and personal as well as totals.

The Schedule section is a convenient display of the current employee’s generated schedule for the specified week. Schedules must be generated before they will appear here.

The Adjustments section provides you with a brief look at the current employee’s pay adjustments for a selected time period.

Strategic Reporting: There are over 75 reports available, which can be run by pay period or by any selected date range.  Reports can be displayed on screen, printed, emailed, or sent to a data file.

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